Global Fried Crypto x Strategic Partnership

We from GFC are happy to announce our Strategic partner! We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Aliumswap. Welcome to the GFC family, guys! AliumSwap short Introduction 

AliumSwap is a decentralized AMM Exchange with multi-blockchain option and NFTs. 

Our answer to the needs of the DeFi market was the first AMM DEX multi-chain, which starts on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain (BSC). BSC is very similar in its user properties to Ethereum, but the fees are currently hundreds of times lower. We see the popularity of the BSC only solution, however, we believe that the user should get more opportunities to fulfill his needs, so we propose a solution based on working in any of the popular blockchains with one the interface by switching between networks instead of picking a single blockchain and sticking to it. 

In addition to the fact that AMM DEX Alium (AliumSwap) allows users to reduce the costs of commissions, we have improved and added some features that are not available on other exchanges on Binance Smart Chain. For example, we allow the user the ability to create any trading pair on their own without unnecessary coordination with the exchange support. 

For more exciting news and announcements about their project, please follow their official channels: 

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🗣  Telegram ENG chat 

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