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We help to build

This is how we will help your company:

  • 1
    Community Engagement

    With the help of our own connections we can help our projects build an active, healthy and engaged community.

  • 2
    Strategic partnership

    We participate in Seed and Private sale rounds and help with funding your company.

  • 3
    Marketing & Exposure

    We connect you to influencers on multiple social platforms to get your project the attention of the right audience.


Cryptocurrency are for everyone. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to engage with projects they believe in. We help good projects with a strong idea to get into the spotlights we help to build a community around them. We aim to add long-term value to the projects we collaborate with, and make a positive contribution to the cryptocurrency community als a whole

GFC investments is a group of investors originated in the Netherlands, with active and engaged content-creating community
We have several years of experience in managing communities and a wide network in the crypto space. We aim to educate others by sharing our knowledge, stimulate fruitful discussions, and always seeking to learn more.
We specialize in early stage project and community development and provide strategic investment.

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